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Spring Portraits with the Easter Bunny

Private spring portraits with the Easter Bunny! 

Yes that’s right it’s almost time for those spring portraits. And that means the Easter Bunny will be hanging around again just waiting to get his picture made with some cute kids! And he even like to take pictures with families too.

For a limited time the Easter Bunny will be Read More…

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Portrait Photography in Little Rock by Elmore Photography

Elmore Photography



Pictures of our family are very important to us. Thats one reason we started helping families capture their memories. There are family photo albums all over that are filled with pictures that are to dark, to bright or to blurry. And it’s hard to take a photo like that and blow it up and put on your wall. We fixed that for our family.We have big pictures all over our house. And we can help put those big pictures in your house too! When families call us to do their portraits we take the same care and time as we would with our own family. We use high quality professional camera equipment and our fine art quality prints will last your family a lifetime. Time passes quickly, don’t let it go by without capturing memories of your family. Let us capture them for you.

the Elmores


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Senior pictures in little rock by Elmore Photography

Senior Portraits in Little Rock Arkansas

It won’t be to long before this senior year will be over. But there’s still time to get those senior portraits done. Here at Elmore Photography we understand the temptation to just forget about doing your senior pics, you get so busy taking care of all the other parts of being a senior, you don’t think you have time to do the portraits. Your all excited about being done with school and what your going to do this summer before you head off to college and more school! There’s always time for taking pics later, right? Well, yes that’s true, but you will never be this age again and you will never have another time like this in your life. So if you have pictures to look at 20 years from now you can remember what the excitement was like and how you felt and what you looked like, but pictures are mostly about memories.

Take a look at some of these seniors we’ve done in the past:

If you want your Senior pictures made before the end of school so you can have memories to look back on call Elmore Photography at 501-732-0750. Or visit our website. Or to look at a more examples of what your pics could look like visit our portfolio. Your in charge of what you want your pics to look like. As many locations as you want, as many clothing changes as you want. And we won’t use backgrounds that look like 1985! We are all on location using natural light and every image is retouched and edited using our artistic style. As you can see by the examples, your pictures won’t look like anybody else’s.

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Childrens Photography in Little Rock

Great Portraits of your kids

Some of the most important treasures we have are pictures of our kids. And they only stay kids for a short time. I guess that’s one reason we treasure those pictures so much. We all say it over and over, “They grow up so fast!”.

Child Portraits by Elmore Photography

This is Macey our Daughter

That’s why it’s so important to snap those pictures along the way while our

children are growing up. That way we can look back and have all those memories

come back to us. The image to the right is of our daughter Macey. As you can

imagine we have Read More…

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Christmas Portraits in Little Rock

Christmas portraits with the baby

Well it’s already January and Christmas is over.  Hopefully you were all good and Santa made a visit to your house. And maybe you got a chance to take some Christmas portraits. Some the best portraits you can Read More…

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Fine Art Photography Christmas Sale-Elmore Photography

Special Christmas Fine Art Photography Sale from Elmore Photography.

Well with less than a week left until Christmas we are a little late with this special offer but we at Elmore Photography

wanted to come up with a special way to say thanks to our customers and say Merry Christmas. We came up with a great

special, something we’ve never done before. We are offering our Fine Art Images as digital downloads.

Fine Art Sale from Elmore Photography

Elmore Photography Fine Art Sale

Normally we only sell our Fine Art in Print format but for a limited time we decided Read More…

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Family Photography-Little Rock,Arkansas

Why do we take pictures? We are constantly taking pictures of everything we do. We use our cell phones, our point and shoots, our big high priced DSLR’s  we even use disposable cameras only good for a few shots. And the first thing we do as soon as we take the pictures, we post them on Facebook or Twitter or Flickr or any other social media site we like to use. Why do we do this? Memories. Experiences. Sharing. We like to remember our experiences and the times we’ve had. We like to remember the people in our lives. And then we like to share them with other people. It’s important to us, all of us, we all seem to do it.

One thing we don’t do as much is take family pictures. It takes a lot more effort to get all of our family together for a picture. And then we are worried about what we look  like or if the kids are going to cooperate.

Little Rock Artistic Photography

Little Rock Artistic Photography

Well family portraits may be some of the most important pictures we take. I’ve seen people looking at old family photos and they are treasured items. I’m sure you’ve seen the same thing. It’s all about Read More…

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Children’s Photographer in Little Rock Arkansas

Our new baby!!

As a lot of you know we had a precious baby girl back in June. Her name is Macey London. So we’ve been enjoying her over the last several months just watching her grow. She is so much fun and brings us so much joy. We thought we’d show you a few of her pictures we took over the last few months. Here you go!

If you like Macey’s pictures feel free to call us or email us and we would be glad to capture memories of your baby too! You can visit our website or call us at 501-732-0750.  We are in Little Rock but we will travel anywhere in Central Arkansas. Also check out our youtube video for more pictures of Macey.

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Fine Art Photography from Arkansas by Elmore Photography

Arkansas is known as the Natural State. If you spend some time here in the parks, at the lakes, on the river banks and in the forests you’ll look around and won’t be disappointed! There are so many different places to see beauty, and different kinds of beauty, in Arkansas it’s worth the visit. And if you live here, well, we’re just used to seeing it all the time and we are never at a loss for something to do on the weekend.

So that’s great for photographers, especially Read More…

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Downtown Little Rock Arkansas Photography by Elmore Photography

Downtown Little Rock is a really pretty city!! The Arkansas River runs right beside it, and the Clinton Library and park are at one end of the city. Walking bridges crossing the river add another scenic aspect to the view. Here at Elmore Photography we decided to go Downtown to see if we good get some great pics and maybe turn them into some fine art photography. Well we got some pretty good ones. I’ll post them down below. We manly focus on portraits in the little rock area but we also love to do fine art photography. There are plenty of places around the state of Arkansas to do nature photography, so we are never at a loss for a good place to get some great pics. If you are interested in any of our fine art photography just go to the website and look under fine art gallery. You can order right from the site. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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